A longtime favorite heirloom plum.

Large for a sauce tomato, Amish Paste's slightly irregular plum to strawberry-shaped fruits avg. 8-12 oz. with excellent flavor. These meaty tomatoes are good in salads and great for processing. A Slow Food USA Ark of Taste variety. Indeterminate.
 The classic beefsteak tomato of yesteryear is back! Massive fruit, easily reaching 1-2 lbs has deep red flesh and good old-fashioned tomato flavor. These are the tomatoes that grandma grew, meaty and firm, perfect on sandwiches or served straight up with a pinch of salt. A particularly good producer in the Northeast, but well adapted to the entire U.S. as well. Scientists recently determined that Beefsteak’s massive fruit was originally caused by a chance mutation. This happy accident created a much larger tomato. Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortez, brought samples of a larger, flattened tomato back to Europe. From this seed was developed many larger tomatoes we know today.
   SUNGOLD ( cherry)

Intense fruity flavor. My favorite cherry tomato 

Exceptionally sweet, bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes leave everyone begging for more. Vigorous plants start yielding early and bear right through the season. Tendency to split precludes shipping, making these an exclusively fresh-market treat. The taste can't be beat. 15-20 gm. fruits. High resistance to fusarium wilt and tobacco mosaic virus. Indeterminate. 
Tomato plant produces a lot of small red tomatoes on a tall plant. Grows 1/2 small, sweet, and firm fruits. Continues to grow for an extended period of time. Cherry tomatoes have some of the most excellent flavor.  Very easy to grow. Indeterminate. Day to maturity 85
Boasting all the great traits of the old favorite, Celebrity, including attractive 8-oz. crack free fruit, drought and disease resistance, great flavor, and huge yields, Celebration will become a new favorite in your garden. Performed better than Celebrity in our 2014 tomato trials, and is adaptable to most areas of the country. Determinate. Disease Resistance: F2 TMV V. 72 DAYS.
   BURPEE BIG BOY (Hybrid) 
The hallmark of this large, crack-free tomato is its absolutely superb flavor. Bright red, firm, meaty fruits often weigh 1 pound or more, and feature smooth, blemish-resistant skins.
Indeterminate 78 DAYS 

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